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Soade Candle - Fresh Linen

Soade Candle - Fresh Linen

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Soy Wax

Cotton Wick

Made in Australia

Top Notes:Freesia, Cyclamen, Rhubarb

Middle Notes:Rose, Geranium

Base Notes: Green Notes, Vetiver, Blonde Wood

For the first burn, allow the wax to melt evenly over the surface of the candle before extinguishing.

Place candle on a stable and heatproof surface and heatproof , away from drafts, children, and animals.

Do not burn candle near any flammable materials.

Do not exceed a burn time of 3 hours.

Do not move the candle once the wax starts to melt.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Use a cloche or a snuff to extinguish the candle.

Do not use the candle lid to extinguish.

Store candles in a cool dry place.

Do not light the candle if there is 1.5cm or less of wax left.

All of our candles are vegan and do not contain phthalates or petroleum.

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