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Soade Diffuser & Oil - Fresh Linen 200ml

Soade Diffuser & Oil - Fresh Linen 200ml

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Phthalate & Petroleum free

Vegan Friendly

Made in Australia

Top Notes:Freesia, Cyclamen, Rhubarb

Middle Notes:Rose, Geranium

Base Notes: Green Notes, Vetiver, Blonde Wood

Place the diffuser oil on a stable surface away from drafts.

Keep away from pets and children.

Clean any spills immediately as this product will stain or damage some surfaces.

Avoid contact with skin, mouth & eyes. Wash immediately if you come in to contact with this oil.

This will last a minimum 4 months

This is designed to fragrance an average sized room, and you may require more than one diffuser to ensure fragrance dispersal in larger areas. 

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